Did You Know Why Iceland is Green and Greenland is Icy?

Where did such names come from Iceland and Greenland?

There are misunderstandings in these concepts. After all, Iceland, an island located in the Atlantic Ocean does not have ice cover, is washed by the warm Gulf Stream, and the average January temperature on it stands at 0 ° C. Greenland is a huge island in the world – at least 15% of its area is free of ice. The reasons for this confusion are hidden in the history of the discovery and colonization of the northern countries by the Vikings.

When the first batch of immigrants arrived in Iceland at the end of the 9th century, as if severe frosts had especially hit, all the bays were filled with ice and almost all the cattle of the colonists died. That is why the leader of that party of Floki migrants Filgervarson called this land Iceland – “ Ice land” – Iceland.

The discoverer of Greenland is the Viking Eirik Turvaldson. In 982 – 983, it was he who discovered and explored the west coast of a huge island. For settlements, Eirik chose a couple of flat places in the south-west of the island, which were protected from cold winds and covered in the summer with lush green vegetation. The contrast between the surrounding ice desert and this oasis was so sharp that Eirik called the coast of Greenland Greenland – Greenland. By the way, this name originally referred only to the parts of the southwest coast that he discovered, and only later, already in the 15th century, it spread to the whole island.

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