Easy Home-Made Tips to Keep The Ladybugs and Box Eder Bugs Out of Your Homes

Did you know that not all ladybugs are equally useful? We are used to discussing this insect exclusively in a positive way. Everyone knows that they are helpers in the garden, kill harmful insects and control the aphid and spider mite populations. But not all species are our friends in the garden and in the garden, let’s understand in more detail.

Their name is Asian ladybug or ladybug Harlequin. How to distinguish it?

Identification of Useful Ladybugs

Ordinary ladybugs are good for the garden. and harmless to humans. They do not bite and destroy garden pests such as aphids and scale insects. When autumn comes, ladybugs seek shelter in the street, and they are not going to gather in huge quantities.

Ladybugs are usually rounded and smaller than Asian beetles when viewed from side to side.

What is the difference between an Asian ladybug

To distinguish the Asian beetle from the ladybug, look at the place where the head meets the wings. If the beetle has a small white “m” mark at this location, this is a sign that you are dealing with an invasive look. They also have larger white cheeks and have more whiteness on their heads. It is invasive because it is not geographically native to our area, but imported from Asian countries. Such insects gradually replace local species.

It is known that Asian beetles during cold weather penetrate your home through cracks or holes, gather on siding, doors, and windows. Their bites can provoke allergic reactions and be very painful. If they feel threatened, they give off a smelly yellow liquid that can paint over surfaces and also capable of causing allergies.

Although this is rare, Asian bugs can infect dogs. This does not always mean a trip to the veterinarian, but still very uncomfortable and unpleasant. If they swallow beetles, the yellow liquid can burn the dog’s mouth or digestive tract and, in rare cases, cause an allergic reaction.

How to control

The best way to avoid smell and stains is to suck them in a vacuum cleaner. Keep them in a sealed bag before throwing them in the trash so they cannot creep out.

In the open air, you can clean areas where bugs usually gather using soapy water – they most likely will not return, because the smell of soap exceeds pheromones that attract insects to this place.

You can also take steps to bring local ladybugs to your garden. They will crowd out Asian ladybugs.

Potato ladybug

And finally, I want to highlight another harmful view called the Potato ladybug . In the Far East, this species is also called the 28th spotted ladybug . As you can see in the photo above, this view has many small black dots. There is no benefit from this insect: it eats vegetable crops along with the Colorado potato beetle. Unlike Asian ladybugs who still prefer to eat in the forests, a ladybug of potatoes has chosen garden plots of summer gardeners. Such a pest should be disposed of without hesitation. More useful information.

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