Effective Exercises that can Help you Get Rid of your Post-Baby Tummy

After childbirth, getting a smooth and tonic abdomen is the desire of every woman. 

We give you tricks to get it and exercises to lower belly. Remember that, after giving birth, you must wait a minimum of two months!

After childbirth, all recent moms want to recover the tummy they had before pregnancy. However, what sport should be done? And what exercises to lower belly can be done if you have had a C-section? To achieve a clever tummy after delivery, it is important to strengthen the muscle bands that, over time, tend to dilate. However, in the case of the cesarean section, it is better to consult with the gynecologist before, as the abdomen area is the most affected. Besides, you should keep in mind that the postpartum uterus must regain its original size naturally, which occurs during the days and weeks after the baby is born.

For the belly-lowering exercises to be effective they must be repeated several times and performed in the proper position. It is not necessary to perform very long series, since good results can be obtained with few abdominals, performed, yes, correctly and without involving other muscle bands.

However, remember that you should not perform abdominal exercises until after a minimum of two months after delivery and that it is always advisable to reinforce the pelvic floor with the appropriate exercises, before working the abdominal area.

We offer you some advice on the correct posture that you should maintain :
• Keep your neck relaxed and bring your chin slightly forward.
• Slightly spread your legs, with your feet on the floor, about 20 cm from the buttocks.
• Place your arms crossed over your chest.
• You should not lift your back from the ground more than 15 cm.
• Perform the exercise slowly, to work all possible muscle bands, which must remain contracted during the exercise.

Exercises to lower belly

  1. Crunch exercise. Lying with your back on the floor, with your hands behind the back of your neck and your legs bent and raised, raise your bust without taking too much momentum, trying to get the neck to your knees to the fullest, without pressing on the neck with your hands and without moving my legs Go back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
  2. Crunch leg exerciseLie on the floor with your legs bent at a 90º angle (if possible, keep your hands on the floor below your buttocks). Elevate the pelvis and legs, bringing the knees to the neck and keeping the shoulders on the floor. Do 3 sets of 20 exercises.
  3. Full Crunch exercise. Lie with your hands behind the back of your neck and your legs flexed at a 90º angle. At the same time, raise the flexed legs and the bust, trying to put them together as much as you can. Do 3 sets of 20 exercises.
  4. Hipopresiva gym. In recent times, hypopressive gymnastics is consolidating itself as one of the best types of gymnastics to strengthen the muscles of the belly, while safeguarding the pelvic floor. The objective of this discipline is to expel the air from the abdominal contraction and the diaphragm.

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