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25 Incredible Concept Cars that we Wish Would Become Reality

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25. Bugatti 57 Atlantic Concept Car

The first word that comes to mind when you look at a Bugatti futuristic concept car. The Bugatti 57 Atlantic is the word “smooth,” followed by nostalgia for the 1950s with their clear, smooth lines. The low-rise aerodynamic model was developed by French designer Bruno Delussu. Unfortunately, this beautiful car can not be found on the road shortly, since this is only a mock-up of the design. Deloussou wanted to create a design that contrasted with classic sports cars, which he described as “compact” and “aggressive,” and instead wanted to offer a “luxurious streamlined [shape] that slides like a hand across silk.”

24. The BMW I8 Concept

The initial vision for this model came in 2010 when Mercedes-Benz took part in a design competition at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The goal was to make a car whose weight would be less than 450 kg, which could fit four people. A futuristic car does not run on gas but uses what Mercedes calls the “BioNectar4534” – a fuel that allows the car to emit pure oxygen instead of greenhouse gases. The car is also fully recyclable and can be used as a building material.

22. The Concept Car Jaguar C-XS

A car for Batman, almost invisible due to its smooth lines, making it look like a device, not from our world. The Jaguar concept car was developed by Janak Mistry and is planned to become a reality in 2050. What is special about this car is that it can change shape. The car has a “salon mode” when it can accommodate four people and it seems quite spacious. However, it has another mode, when the two rear seats fold down, allowing the driver to feel like in a sports car.

21. Audi A-100 Concept Car

A great design for the Audi concept car was created by Miguel Angel Mojica Pulido, and its release is planned for 2100. The car is offered in black and white and looks more like a computer mouse than a car. It is safe to say that in the future the car will run on renewable energy sources such as wind, solar energy, or even algae. This model, as designed by the designer, will work on electricity from a magnetic oscillation system, which will make it more efficient and faster. While such technology does not yet exist, no one will abandon this incredible design.

20. Iconiq Model Seven Concept Car

Sharp and focused on the carriage of passengers, the MPV concept car is the first car of its kind that can run on electricity and move without a driver. Not only is the car equipped with a series of touch screens, but there are also two seats in the rear that can recline fully, just like the seats onboard first-class aircraft. It’s just the perfect car to travel, right? Iconiq CEO Bruno Lambert expects the car will also use advanced technologies that recognize passengers by synchronizing with their smartphones, as well as face and voice recognition software. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long for this futuristic car, because whether you believe it or not,

19. Volkswagon ID Vizzion Concept Car

One of Volkswagen ‘s latest concept cars, ID Vizzion pushes the boundaries of understanding the typical “hatch” commonly found in automobiles. Like almost every car on this list, ID Vizzion is also self-driving, and naturally electric. Volkswagen invests a lot in making the driving experience as comfortable as possible, and this car was designed specifically to transport those who cannot drive because of their age or other reasons. With this in mind, passengers can communicate with the digital driver of the vehicle using voice or hand gestures.

18. Renault EZ-GO Concept Car

This futuristic zero-emission concept car is the result of a French company search for a better taxi. Inside there is free Wi-Fi, charging ports, and huge glass windows on both sides of the car. The car also has a speed limit of up to 50 km per hour, so passengers can enjoy the view of the road, which is perfect for potential tourists who want to explore the city without having to travel in clogged buses. Renault Chief Engineer for Autonomous Driving Laurent Taupin suggests that such a “robot taxi” will revolutionize the world and take its place “somewhere between taxi service and public transport”. To call an unmanned-GO car user can use a special application, just like you do today, using, for example, Uber.

Written by Sarah James

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