These Ingenious Organising Tips Will Give Your Home A Marvellous Upgrade

Today, we have so much individual space in our home than we had an entire family in the 50s. Although we might think that we have enough space for all our possessions, as an example, there are only more stores in America to store objects than McDonald’s…

However, at the same time, research suggests that we are more depressed now than we were decades ago. Therefore, material goods clearly do not offer happiness, so perhaps minimalism is the best way to practice and live. Below we offer 12 ways in which you can reorganize and clean your home and at the same time your life.

1. Write Your Reasons To Reorganize
This list will help you get started and keep it on track during your reorganization process. Some of your reasons could include feeling less stressed, saving money, having more time to spend with friends and family, or simply having a more pleasant home.

2. Decide on the value of your items

Minimalism is not only getting rid of excess possessions but also about choosing to give more weight to those you value most. Therefore, instead of showing 20 framed photos that you like, choose to show five that you like the most. Once you have decided which elements you cannot separate you can begin the cleaning and organization process.

3. Set aside a box for Charity

Get a large box and fill it with items you don’t use anymore, or those that you value less. Donate this box to a charity shop and you will be helping the environment as well, by producing new items to meet the demands of energy and water waste.

Choose 30 items of clothing that you will wear during the next 3 months and donate or store the rest. Choose classic, neutral pieces, and you’ll always know what to wear. In addition, it will be easier for you to dress in the morning.

5. Throw away the things you keep “just in case”

Throw away items like random screws, buttons, pieces of string, scraps of insulation tape and all other junk items that you have been storing “just in case.” Try the 20/20 rule, if you can replace the item for 20 euros, and you can buy it 20 minutes from your home, then you can get rid of it since it is easily replaceable.

6. Digitize everything

While the digital age can sometimes add disorder to our lives, it can also be a great minimalist tool. Take advantage of technology and get rid of that stack of paper on your desk. If you have a file cabinet, you can scan all your important documents, and then get rid of all the paper. Digitize your old photos and they will be safe forever in an online storage system.

7. Borrow, do not buy

If you need something for a unique event, such as a party, borrow additional tools and equipment from friends or neighbors instead of buying them. If you are a bookworm and you love reading you can become a member of a reading club or the local library.

8. Buy experiences, not things

9. The “One by One” rule

If you really must buy something new, then get rid of something old. This way you can guarantee that the balance in your home is maintained.

10. Quality over quantity

It is much better to have a pair of good quality shoes than to have four pairs of mediocre shoes. Although the best quality items cost more, they are better and last much longer than lower quality items, which means they are cheaper over time.

11. Get rid of an article every day

Deleting an item every day means that at the end of the year you will have 365 fewer things to worry about.

12. Use multi-function products

A great and simple way to keep your house organized is to have multi-function objects at hand. Coconut oil, for example. It can be used for cooking and baking, or as coffee cream, such as furniture polish, moisturizer, toothpaste and much more.

Written by Sarah James

Sarah James is an empathetic person whose expression has appeared in writing. She devotes her passion for fashion and cosmetics to creating compelling content related to beauty, lifestyle, health and fitness. She first discovered her hobby of writing poetry and serving on various editorial committees that model UN meetings. Sarah is a fan of home decor, oral poetry, books and movies.


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