5 DIY Projects That you can Do With your Family on Lazy Weekends

With the holiday season full, you will have some leisure time at home with your family. But with the world immersed in technology and mobile and gaming consoles, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a family to spend some time with each other without having to look at their mobiles every 2 minutes.

But fear not, we have 5 wonderful DIY projects that will end your relationship and your family. So please let us know in the comments, how many projects you tried and the time you spent with your family.

1. Dry Sour Ornaments

Although the Christmas festival is now over, this DIY project will bring back memories of that right as you prepare for the new year from now on. Here is the very beautiful jewelry that includes dried citrus fruits.

Collect some fruits of lemon, such as coconut and lemon. Cut them into slices of about ¼ ”and remove the seeds. Bake them at 150-170 ° F for 3-4 minutes. Hang them up using a wire hook on the Christmas tree stem to refresh your natural room.

2. Tissue Flower Gift

You will need a glue stick, two colored tissue paper, green scrapbook paper, staplers, and scissors. You will need to follow these steps as they succeed and see the picture for guidance.


  • Cut a piece of tissue paper and the width should be around 6۔ and the length should be 18۔.
  • In the next step, cut another piece of tissue paper, which should be 2۔ wide and 18۔ long. Note that you will keep this paper as the center of your flower.
  • Now perform a Morden Fold with tissue paper, which is about 3 3/4 in. Wide. Should be.
  • Now gently fold the Erden Fold paper in half.
  • Use it carefully to hold the stapler between the folds to hold it tightly.
  • Cut a dot on each edge of the paper.
  • Now using a glue stick, tie both ends of the paper together and spread them gently and spread the wings evenly.
  • Now use green scrapbook paper to cut the leaves and fold them in the middle.
  • Now glue the tipper flower into a gift and glue the paper leaves under it to complete the decoration.

3. Homemade Salted Cookie Dough

Not too sweet to make a gingerbread house? We have an alternative to salted cookie dough at home. You will need the following tools.


  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 3/4 cup full of water
  • Acrylic paint in the colors you like
  • Leather paper
  • Cocktail
  • Instant detector hard glue
  • Brightness (optional)


  • A rolling pin
  • Leather paper
  • Some cookie sheets
  • An oven

Use paper to cut houses and other buildings of your choice. Now mix 1.2 cups of salt in 2 cups of flour and grind one cup of warm water to make the dough. You can paint on the dough for buildings.

Now fold the dough into 1/8 inch thickness and place it on leather paper and use the building guide to extract the shapes from the dough. Bake sized cookies at 200 ۔F for 2-3 hours. Now use glue and tape to assemble the buildings. Decorate the house to your liking using the café for icing. Brightness to finish

4. Gold Fringe Drink Toppers

These plans are not only for the children of the house, but we also have them enter the house with bed linen to welcome the adult guests. You will need:


  • Hexagon wood grows
  • Gold metal tissue paper
  • Squares
  • Craft glue
  • Fringe scissors
  • Heavy Duty Glow

Heat skewers fruits on hexagon using hot glue and leaves for 30 minutes. Now cut the strips on gold paper. Now, using craft glue, make a cross-pattern pattern of strips on hexagon pieces.

5. Paper Ball Ornaments

If you have paper lying around, make them into beautiful hanging jewelry to decorate the home.

You will need:

  • Paper ball ornaments
  • Card stock in different colors
  • Punch in a 3۔ circle
  • A ruler
  • Some pencils
  • A pair of scissors
  • Stick
  • Paintbrush
  • String/strings

Cut 20 circles for each ball. Use approximately 3 “cartons on 6” paper balls. Now, with a circle, cut a reciprocal triangle and attach the edges of the triangle to the front of the paper.

Glue and match them in a flap of 2 circles. Place the triangle in the same direction and continue the painting glue on the LPS flap connecting two to three more circles; these 5 circles will join together to form the upper part of the hair.

  • Glue 10, 10 circles together at the center of the circle, but substitute the tip of the triangle pointing up and down.
  • This will add 5 back circles that form the upper part of the ball.

  • Cut the long strings and fold it several times to make sure it is not slipping off the ball.
  • Insert the loop through the upper center of the ball.
  • Continue to make the balls with the remaining five circles and add them to the ball, but make sure all the triangles face in the same direction. This will form the bottom of the ball.

Written by Sarah James

Sarah James is an empathetic person whose expression has appeared in writing. She devotes her passion for fashion and cosmetics to creating compelling content related to beauty, lifestyle, health and fitness. She first discovered her hobby of writing poetry and serving on various editorial committees that model UN meetings. Sarah is a fan of home decor, oral poetry, books and movies.


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